Automation Developer

JOB Duties: 

  • Design and develop Page Objects using Page Object Design pattern and Selenium.
  • Develop methods, reusable functions and the framework using C# language in Visual Studio 2015.
  • Automate UI Testing with Selenium tool in visual studio using design patterns. Provide technical expertise across teams in building automation, using approved methodologies.
  • Implement MVC projects using .net framework and develop frontend UI web applications.
  • Automate website testing using Katalon studio as an automation tool using Java and Groovy.
  • Responsible for verifying error logs in Splunk and reporting the status to the team. Develop script to generate PRS report for monthly call data.
  • Work in cloud-based services implementing AWS lambdas and storing data in Dynamo DB tables to track rate limiting and IP restrictions for incoming traffic to websites.
  • Implement flexible and maintainable C# code for adding properties into the project so that any test cases in that project can access those properties in the project-level.
  • Work in C# programming language to develop and execute test scenarios. Responsible for all aspects of project delivery (including execution and summary report).
  • Perform backend data and data flow validation using SQL queries across the program.
  • Track and manage tasks/bugs using JIRA and for new and ongoing projects including operations and maintenance.
  • Support in production releases and system patches to ensure that all the systems are working as expected and produce a final health report.
  • Perform API testing using Postman as a primary tool. Create and implement multiple collections in postman to submit requests.
  • Will work in San Jose, CA and/or various client sites throughout the U.S. Must be willing to travel and/or relocate.

Apply to: Ameriinfo Inc, Attn: HR, 4340 Stevens Creek Blvd, Ste. 172, San Jose, CA 95129